Coco Warner-Allen

I am currently researching the relationship that women have with their bodies, one that is often strained and difficult. I am exploring how individuals feel in regards to their body image, whether it be positive or negative, and how it affects their mental and physical health. I am not only exploring my own insecurities and where they come from, but also how the society we live in causes such harm to the way some people think about their appearance. The media and other social pressures can make people feel as if they are constantly failing if they do not live up to a certain visual ideal. In this video and in conversation with my friend and subject, Lina, I am exploring the theme of sexuality and self-confidence. As nudes, these pictures were taken in a moment of intimate appreciation for oneself. 

I am looking to open up the often taboo conversational topics around female sexuality as well as the ways women work to overcome body confidence issues. I believe that the more you see real bodies, the better your body image. Thus I want to not only depict the things often airbrushed away such as stretch marks and body hair, but highlight them. I want to show women that their bodies are precious entities, worthy of not only the love and respect of others but of their own too.

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