Evie MacSwiney

Evie MacSwiney presents Looking Out, Looking In – a short film inspired by the domestic confinement and solitude of lockdown. The film depicts the sensation of mental and bodily confinement, reworking the UK’s Covid-19 public health slogan ‘Hands, Face, Space.’ She explores the effect domestic entrapment has on one’s sense of being as a body, and the disconnect that arises from becoming trapped behind a surface within the interface of a screen in the ‘new normal’ of the digital realm. In this entrapment one occupies the dual position of both voyeur and voyeuristic object. Central to the narrative are symbols of perception and bodily sensation which drive the plot forwards. MacSwiney perceives the current disconnection from the exterior world as having contributed to the creation of a multitude of interior worlds. One exists inside the world, inside a domestic space, inside a body, inside a mind, inside a sensation – enveloping further within oneself.  


MacSwiney’s art practice investigates the relationship between the body, mind, space, and natural landscape. She questions what it means to live in the world at this present moment, considering the constraints and potentials attached to the ideal of freedom.   

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