Frankie P

In Making Work Public I am presenting Day Four, a film of a day in four lockdown-confined lives: mine and those of three friends. Each participant has recorded their own everyday activities such as brushing hair, cooking, eating, watching tv; and each participant has used the combined footage to make their own film. By expanding their shrunken spaces through sharing it with each other they have made their world larger. But is this a space anyone would wish to inhabit?

Day 5-1.00_00_32_23.Still005.jpg
Day 5-1.00_00_45_14.Still012.jpg
Day 5-1.00_00_53_20.Still092.jpg
Day 5-1.00_01_24_11.Still031.jpg
Day 5-1.00_01_36_22.Still037.jpg
Day 5-1.00_02_31_01.Still056.jpg
Day 5-1.00_02_56_00.Still082.jpg
Day 5-1.00_03_04_05.Still087.jpg