Jenny Marguerite

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Jenny is a London based artist working in a range of media from hand embroidery to fabric collage, applique and painting; including watercolour, gouache and oils. Her works are often small in scale and domestically made using a muted colour palette. Much of her work centres around the grid and this can be seen in her paintings and embroideries alike.


Jenny’s interests include the construction of feminine ideals, traditional notions of women’s work and ideas around inherited restrictions and characteristics in women.  She is interested in the relationship between fine art and applied art and crafts and the hierarchy that has been placed on various mediums in art history according to gender. 


Repetition is a recurring theme in Jenny’s work, initially as a way of referencing the repetitive unpaid work that typically fell to women but later, by reducing her subject to pure grid forms, she attempts to disentangle the historic associations of restriction with embroidery. Her work celebrates the making of embroidery as a meditative practice and encourages the viewer into an act of looking with the small scale of the works drawing the viewer in. The muted colour palette creates a sense of calm and the grid becomes a place of retreat, order and quiet pleasure.

4 Grids

Open Studios.jpg

Open Studios, Group Show at Chelsea College of Art 2021

Morning, Noon & Night, 2021

Required Attributes of Femininity, 2021

A Stitch in Time, 2021

With an interest in restriction, Jenny made paintings in lockdown using grids to restrict the movements of the paintbrush. These very rigid paintings are representative of the current situation of the global pandemic but also serve as a reminder of the restrictions placed on women throughout history. The paintings reference needlework and ask questions about women’s roles in society and the repetitive, time consuming, unpaid work that typically falls to them. The process of making the painting is very much its subject, and in making the film, A Stich in Time, the process becomes the subject of the film.

Stitch In Time.JPG