Paula Parole

Paula likes to document narratives that are happening around her, however small or big they might be. She uses the instrument of humor, irony or sarcasm to playfully draw attention to certain observations. Repeating subject matters in her work is our age of technology, consumerism and female empowerment. 

By paying a lot of attention to details and simultaneously contrasting that with larger media and/or topics, her work navigates us through complex narratives.

You could compare her way of working to a caricaturist - poetic, fun, with a twist of spice. 

During the time of lockdown she has been observing shifts in her environment, that created the imperative to solely face yourself. Some people ended up in loneliness, others adapted in productive ways.

The myth of an artist’s life, especially in a time, where the mandatory audience is missing, is something she sees as a controversial identity issue.

With self-irony she creates a fictional persona, that represents a pretentious and ridiculous end-of-her 20s, „emerging“-artist, trying to get her s**** together in times of crisis. With this performance she wants to playfully de-mystify the cliché of her profession as an artist, her friends have so many questions about. 

Documenting herself between managing her daily routines and failing them, creates an awkward and humorous picture, which she is keen to „making public“ (and finally embarrass herself in front of an actual audience).

Coming from a film-background, she still enjoys the medium to play with characters and observations, while the rest of her work concentrates on illustrative elements on analogue material such as paper or canvas.

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