Tracing movement of sunlight through a window.



Through performances and video, I explore the state of being present in the moment. I use simple gestures of movement and stillness as a means to becoming aware of little moments in life. Between the actions of constantly doing and pausing, I create a space to reflect upon life situations. Glimpses of breathing, standing, walking, and lying down become repeated motions of the body.

I carry out actions as I respond to different locations, switching between nature and man-made buildings. The gestures performed within these changing surroundings reflect the relationship of an individual with the world. By oscillating between being present and absent in these spaces, I embrace how things in life easily come and go through the passing of time.

Breathing. Walking. Standing. Stopping. Falling. Being

In the middle of silence and surrounding sounds of places, I welcome an opportunity to become aware of the inner voice we all share -






      instinctive feelings   .